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Our service offers English-Romanian legal translations of the

highest standard performed by Law graduate Sworn Translators.



 Legal Translations
A Legal Translation is a performed by a Sworn Translator approved by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. His/her signature and stamp is notarized by a Romanian Public Notary. This procedure is required by certain Romanian and foreign authorities.
We offer translations of oral communications, during business meetings, contract signings, public notary proceedings or other similar type of events.

Our company offers Legal Translations of the highest quality to and from Romanian. Besides the fact that these are done by Sworn Translators approved by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, our translators have a Law background thus insuring that your documents are truly understood before translated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a Romanian Sworn Translator?

A: Per the Romanian Law certain documents are legally required to be translated by a professional approved by the Ministry of Justice. Non Romanian speaking persons must also be assisted by Romanian Legal Translators when signing documents before Romanian authorities, such as Public Notaries for instance.

Q: How do I legalize a document?

A: This procedure is completed by translating the documents with a Sworn Translator and notarizing the document. Our service can include both procedures.

Q: Why should choose your company?

A: Unlike other translation company in Romania, our translators have graduated Law School. This means highest quality translations for important legal documents deserving the utmost competence.

Q: Will you be able to translate documents via email?

A: Yes, however legalization of the respective documents can only be performed if the documents to be translated are received in original.

Romanian-Translators.com has an important number of clients and collaborators from abroad. As examples we would mentioned Poland and Slovenia.



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We translate:

Power of Attorneys           Notary authentications Apostilles                           Court Decisions                 Trade Registry excerpts Documents emitted by Public Authoritie                      Resolutions               Business Communication Other similar documents

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